Please use the following address and please be mindful of these guidelines:
All email communication about anything on this site can be sent to:
I hate rules just like the rest of us but please adhere to these rules before sending me an email.
  1. Please refrain from sending unsolicited large files or attachments. All such files will be summarily deleted without exception. Tell me a little something about your attachment before you send it along. That way I'll know it's not just another suspicious or potentially threatening file.
  2. Please don't add me to ANY e-mail list without my permission. It saves me emailing YOU to remove it.
  3. E-mails with generic subjects such as "Your Document", "Those Pictures", "Hello", and so on will be summarily deleted without exception. If you have something to say, I want to know about it and a catchy, enticing subject line is a great way to pique my interest.
  4. Please don't forward me any jokes, funny news items, get rich quick schemes, chain letters, important health information, etc. Chances are I've already heard about it and I won't want to see it again.
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