The Storm
The Storm, the magical and violent thundershower that swallows up the desert. It is the retort in which the Process is born.
Scrits are small land crustaceons. To avoid the unbearable heat of the desert, this creature burrows under the sand and occasionally opens it's 'hatch' to watch for prey. In an emergency, the scrit can tuck it's head into it's shell and curl up into a ball. It then uses it's large scooping claws to steer and propel itself as it quickly rolls away from danger.
The boy in the cave. Where does he come from? Where are his parents and what is his name? Little is known about him but he will soon be swept up on an incredible journey in the world of the Process. We will learn a lot of what we know about this world through his eyes and as we follow his adventures we will see many mysteries unfold.
Ecce Joe Infurnari! The author and creator of the Process. He does not know it yet, but he too will soon undergo an amazing journey!
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