The Process
webcomic is an opportunity for me to flesh out a story that I have been thinking about for a very long time. What it amounts to is a journey and exploration through a personal 'pleroma', an imaginary landscape populated by strange, wondrous creatures and archetypal characters. There will be autobiographical moments as well, but even they will be infused with magic and mystery. The Process touches all aspects of my life; the imaginary infuses the real.
Throughout the creation of this story, readers will find that the art will vary radically from chapter to chapter. This relates to another purpose for this project; that of the journey of the artist. By exploring this personal world, I also hope to expand and develop my own visual idiom by experimenting with new ways of making art and storytelling. Nothing is beyond the pale and I will try almost anything that enriches and informs the reader's experience of this story.
Even this introduction is by no means permanent. I will be updating it and finetuning it as the story develops. Everything here is in flux and part of an exploration and investigation into life, creativity and spirituality.

Joe Infurnari
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